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Michel Matthews a.k.a. Bronksman

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Me, Myself and I

ME...Mid 30's or can I say closer to the early 40's...Why Not! Life as been great for me even though I grew up in the poor and rough side of town. First of four children in a loving and caring family, I always knew that one day I would grow up to be an electrician or a firefighter. My grandfather would always tell me "When you grow up, you should be an electrician because it's a professional job and you never run out of work.", well maybe in those days, grandpa! I know now that I want to be a firefighter so I can help people during hard times like I was given help when I was in hard times. Isn't helping people wonderful!

Myself...No I'm not all by myself! I've got a wonderful and loving family. My beautiful wife (a dispatcher) and I have two wonderful child. One sweet teenage daughter and a fascinating son. Like is mom and dad he wants to help people when he grows up. My daughter hasn't made her mind up yet but she would probably like to be a teacher. Isn't helping people wonderful!

I...Of course I have to thank all my family and friends for helping me through life's up and down. Life as been so good to me so far and hopefully it will continue on for a long time. I think back on all those years and cherish all those great moments that I had and in return I hope to give my family and friends as many great moments for them to cherish! In this website I hope to give people what they are looking for and in return I will be please to have helped someone else. Isn't helping people wonderful!

Me, Myself and I...Well as you can see... me, myself and I, don't always mean that we don't think of others. I would like to show appreciation to those who have been part of my life. I would also like for you to take a moment and think of those who have been part of your like and say: thanks for helping me whenever I needed it!

From Me, Myself and I...THANKS!

Professionnal Firefighter

The year is 1986, on a hot summer night, my wife and I, are at some friends place and we are just sitting and enjoying a quiet evening when all of a sudden the phone rings. A ring like no other, a constant ring that doesn’t stop right up until you take the receiver off the hook. My friend answered the phone after telling me it was the fire station calling. The expression on his face meant that something was wrong and at that very moment I knew I had just got bitten by the bug. I had dreams when I was just a small kid that one day I would be a firefighter. My friend had ask me to join the fire department on several occasion and I just wasn’t sure, until that night. That very same week I went to the fire station with my friend to be introduced to the fire chief and to offer him my curriculum vitae in hoping that he would offer me the chance to prove myself in the upcoming job contest.

In december that same year I was offered a job as a part-time firefighter for the Aylmer Fire Dept. and I would be enrolled in january of 1987. At that point the instructor at the station was giving us some training on a weekly basis for about a year. For the next 3½ years I was doing the job on a paid per call basis and also I was replacing fulltime firefighters on different occasions whenever they needed extra manpower on a certain team. The urge of becoming a fulltime firefighter became so intense I had to do something about it. I enrolled into some night course that was given at the College de l'Outaouais in Hull. The Fire Prevention Technician program was for a duration of 3 years (2 courses per week). I started the program in fall 1987 till spring 1990. This is when I got my fulltime job as a professional firefighter, May 1990. Hard work and perseverence was a good factor in obtaining that job. In the fall of 1996, a posting was up because there was an opening on the Lieutenants eligibility list. Therefore, I tried for that position and again with hard work and perseverence i was made an acting lieutenant. This is a title that gives me the opportunity to replace a Lieutenant whenever one is off work. It also permits me to apply on a future posting for a Lieutenant position. This is my next goal in my career as a firefighter. In 1997, the College de l'Outaouais in partenership with the College Montmorency in Laval, Québec have introduce the college level firefighter program. I will have completed the Fire Management program "Profil Gérer l'Intervention" by May 2000. This program will be sufficient for me to become an Officier for a suppression division anywhere in the province of Québec. Hopefully it will be for the Aylmer Fire Dept. where I have started my career as a PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTER.


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