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Farewell to Aylmer, Québec

logovil.gif  logo.jpg   No more Aylmer patch to trade!     

The provincial government as pass a bylaw that certain cities in the province must amalgamate. For one, my city is affected by this and since january 1st 2002 the city of Aylmer, Québec is now knowed as Gatineau, Québec.  The amalgamation was with 5 cities all together. The cities of Aylmer, Hull, Gatineau, Masson-Angers and Buckingham.

As of october 2002,  I  have no more Aylmer, Québec Fire Dept. patches for trade. As soon as a new patch is available from the new city Fire Dept., I will post here for your convenience. Until then happy trading!

ATTENTION ALL - My new Service patch is available for trades!

Follow this link:
Check for my new patch here

Take Care & Be Safe !
Michel Matthews aka Bronksman